Checklist: Optimize your Job Ads for Cybersecurity Positions

Got a new cybersecurity job to fill and need the right people in your team?

After preparing and evaluating your needs as a manager and/or employer you start to craft your job ad. Maybe you already have a nice template ready to adapt to the vacancy in question. Great! But there are some things you should consider and double-check before posting your offer.

And while a ready-made template can be a huge asset and time saver, you need to fine-tune it to each specific occasion, person and even department.

These tips will help you create massively better job ads – by optimizing them to be found by the people you want to see them.

1. Titles – get the right one and include variants

The IT world is plagued with two curses: ambiguous titles and many designations for the same or very similar jobs. This makes it a challenge for candidates to find the right offer because they might be looking for a completely different position name. That’s why you should make sure you include at least one variant in your ad copy. You can list the alternatives after your best title, at the end or anywhere in your ad as a synonym.

2. Be detailed, but concise

Your offer should be eye-catching, professional, clear and easy to read. Employers often plow through mountains of resumes, and candidates through endless job ads until they find the perfect one. The pain of reading gibberish is the same. So, take the time to craft a clean looking, engaging offer.

For optimal performance:

  • Make use of formatting: bold your key-words (but don’t abuse it)
  • Divide it into sections – position, function, competences, requirements, perks, salary, etc
  • Use bullet points where relevant
  • Have a clear call to action, such as an “Apply now” button
  • Give clear instructions on who candidates should contact and where they should send their applications

3. Include perks

Perks don’t need to be anything fancy and you surely have something worth listing. Remote work regimen? Free breakfast? Gym? Group activities? Employee discounts? Include some of your most relevant extras that boost your work culture and environment. It shows candidates that you care for your people.

4. Be realistic

Covid-19 is not the only pandemic affecting the job market. In fact, there’s one going around for some years now: unrealistic academic and experience expectations.

Employers, in general, require entry-level candidates to have at least a Bachelor’s, if not a Master’s. At the same time, they also expect fresh graduates to have 3+ years of experience in their first job. Re-assess your requirements in this area and come up with reasonable ones for each position and seniority level.

While degrees and experience are undeniably important, it’s also important to give people the opportunity to gain hands-on experience and train your staff in specific tools, systems and frameworks.

Entry-level positions are great to make the most of paid or curricular internships and to provide value for the trainees who can later give it back to you by transitioning to a full-time position as your trusted and trained employees.

5. Be inclusive

Last but certainly not least – inclusivity is a key priority and one of the aspects that brings extreme value to you, your people and company.

The world has been evolving to include and give equality to all kinds of different people. Having a diverse staff breeds innovation, creative thinking, understanding and much more.

Some other inclusive measures you can consider include paid maternity/parental leave, flexibility for pregnant women and parents, promote cultural exchanges, provide an understanding and safe work environment.

Regarding new employees, it’s always great to welcome them with the best onboarding and inclusive experience. You can show these measures in your job offers with a section about your inclusivity practices and name what they are.

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