About David

Who cares about quality and innovation in recruiting? Should that be a question, at all? Well, at least in my previous talent acquisition and career consulting positions I’ve learned that transparent, customer-oriented, digitally creative and efficient processes seem to be as rare as a needle in a haystack. 

Regarding Cyber Security, however, absolute trustworthiness, transparency and matching precision is a must. So, I’ve become a Whitelistener to listen to the needs of you as a Cyber security expert and ensure that we deliver the topquality you might already expect (or still dream of 😉).  

I start my day with two questions: How can we learn from yesterday and do, what we do today, even better than yesterday? How can we let grow the added value we deliver to our partners and experts?  

You’d like to suggest something regarding Operations and Product improvement? Feel free to drop me line or grab a free slot in my calendar – I’m looking forward to hearing from you! 

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