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How we work

Tired of endless job searching? You can leave it to us! 

We help you find the positions that match your skills and requests. Our experts will guide you through the process and connect you with like-minded employers. 

Become a part of our exclusive network and get better opportunities from partners we trust. You will be in good handsthroughout the application process, withsupport and advice from our team.


Our Consulting steps for you

First meeting

Reach out to us and we have a conversation on your strengths and interests and which direction you want to develop into

Discuss the position in detail

We have a detailed discussion and create a profile based on your preferences and desires

Time for thinking

Using the information we discussed, we look through all our partners and other companies' current open positions to find the best match for you

Really interested, or next position?

Then we discuss the identified companies and their open positions with you and present you with our our evaluation on how well they fit and why. After sending you the information on the jobs/companies you decide if you want to have a conversation with the companies

Interview with the company

Once you decide to have a conversation with the company, we will connect you with the relevant people from the company and arrange for the interviews, according to your availability

Successful completion

If we did our job right, you will enjoy the interview, the company and we will help negotiating the contracts, so that everything goes smoothly. Congratulations! You have a new job

Which job are you interested in?


Most frequent questions and answers

If you are specialized in a particular field, you can reach out to the responsible expert/consultant for that area of expertise. Simply send us a message via email , LinkedIn or Xing. 

 Our Partners are secuity software vendors, specialized consultancies for Security Consulting (e.g. Red Teaming or Blue Teaming), and any other company that hires Security Experts within the DACH region.

We will have a detailed conversation about your desired career growth andgoals.After that,we’llconnect you to the best suitable companies thatmatch your career progressionplansandwhatyou enjoy mostin a work environment.Thisapproach ensureseffective and meaningful work relationships andmaximizesyour overall satisfaction with your new job.  

Wereceivenewofferson a daily basis,soit is very likely that we can make suggestionsin afew days.If we have asuitableposition available, things canbearrangedvery quickly: after the first 2 days,we should be able toprovide you withmultiplevacanciesthatmeet your criteria.However, note that the perfect job is not always immediately available, and that makes it tough to make promises. 


That depends on how open you are to receiving suitable job opportunities. We are always happy to have a conversation and discuss the market circumstances.

Yes, every one of us has a field he/she has deepened his/her knowledge in. We specialize in Red Teaming & Blue Teaming (Martin), Informationsecurity or Compliance topics e.g. ISO, ISMS, Dataprotection, etc. (Anton), Identity & Access Management (Niklas) and Networksecurity (Darius).

No. Our partner companies cover our costs, so that you don’t have to worry.