Whitelist Recruiting

Why Whitelist?

Looking for your next hire or job in cybersecurity? Discover your match without the fuss and delays. We make it: simple, reliable, efficient and fun! Meet and connect effortlessly with partners you can trust. Find the people you need and build long-lasting relationships fueled by mutual trust and growth. Your matches are carefully selected based on your requests and development strategies. 

We bridge employers, HR departments and managers with security experts and provide you continual support.

Our focus is 100% cybersecurity and 100% you.

Are you ready? Start now. 



◾focus: Network technology
◾experience: 2+ years
◾location: Berlin or remote


Security consultant ISMS

◾focus: Information security management
◾experience: 2+ years
◾location: Berlin


◾focus: Endpoint Security
◾experience: in IT Security and Endpoint
◾location: NRW


◾focus: IT-Forensik
◾experience: 2+ years
◾location: remote

IT-Security Consultant

◾focus: Penetration testing
◾experience: 2+ years
◾location: Berlin


Information Security Consultant

◾focus: Information Security, KRITIS
◾experience: 5+ years
◾location: remote


Senior IT-Security Consultant

◾focus: Data Protection Information Security
◾experience: 3+ years
◾location: Ruhrgebiet or remote


◾focus: Technical project management /software architecture
◾experience: 6+ years
◾location: southern Germany

IT-Security Engineer

◾focus: Firewall and
VPN Structure
◾experience: 2+ years
◾location: NRW



Most frequent questions and answers

We decided to focus only on cybersecurity and information security within the DACH region and become experts in the field. Each consultant also focuses on a particular sub-field, e.g.: Anton in Information Security and Data Privacy, Martin in Red Teaming and Blue Teaming, Luise in Network Security and Infrastructure and Niklas in Identity and Access Management. Our specialists connect you with the right people in their field of expertise. 

If your inquiry for candidates or jobs is in a particular field within Information SecurityPenetration Testing,Identity & Access Management or Network Security, feel free to book a call through Calendly with the responsible consultant. But, of course, you can also simply reach to the phone (+4930767583320) or send us an email (info@whitelistrecruiting.com).

According to the dictionary, “whitelist” means a list of people or things considered to be acceptable or trustworthy. In line with this definition, we make an effort to research and evaluate the candidates and clients we work with in detail, to ensure that they are truly trustworthy and a good fit for your growth and development plans.