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2020 is one of the most challenging years for the job market, the full impact of the pandemic on the global economy remaining yet to be known. The shift to remote work, and the consequent increase in individuals and businesses operating online, made the digital transition a matter of necessity, but also a matter of concern: how to keep cybersecurity standards in a disrupted work environment?

The cybersecurity landscape

With the unstoppable rise of cybercrime (from phishing to DDoS – distributed denial of service), cybersecurity is more than ever essential to any organization, as a means to protect the data of companies, workers and clients. The current situation created security issues in other critical areas, such as cloud-based services. There is a growing tendency to exploit private and public cloud servers, as they are more and more in use nowadays.

As we take measures to contain the pandemic, our digital lives too must be safeguarded. Even small companies should have a reliable core cybersecurity team since anyone who holds data can get targeted. For instance, last year, compromised Amazon cloud servers exposed more than half a billion records of Facebook users. That’s why early investment in preventive measures saves considerable costs and minimizes eventual losses in the long run.

The cybersecurity specialist: most wanted!

The shortage of cybersecurity specialists (3.5 million unfilled openings expected by 2021 according to Cybersecurity Ventures), paired with the difficulties in finding and hiring these professionals, constitutes a potential vulnerability to corporate environments. And that’s one of the main reasons to keep filling your jobs. The demand is high, but leaving your business unprotected is not an option. The sooner you have your security team up and running, the better.

Why traditional recruiting is inefficient

Finding cybersecurity pros via conventional recruiting methods often proves to be a daunting task. These people know what’s faulty within the systems and take extremely precautionary measures to protect their privacy. Don’t expect to find them on the mainstream recruitment websites and job-search platforms.

Traditional recruiting is also a cumbersome process, especially if you’re a small company with a reduced or nonexistent HR team. In-house recruiting costs you more on the long-term, by leaving the HR department overworked with the need for detailed research, often from scratch, on candidates and job positions, plus the lack of adequate resources.

Besides, since there are few specialists while the openings are many, your offer needs to be compelling and competitive. The role description, the job itself and the way it’s being presented must be appealing, motivating and positively challenging for these professionals who don’t lack opportunities to switch jobs.Having a trustworthy representative (i.e, a recruiter) helps you to find suitable candidates and retain future workers.

Cybersecurity specialists and where to find them

The most hassle-free and effective way to find your best match (whether you are an employer or a candidate) is through a recruitment agency specialized in cybersecurity. Specialized recruitment differs from traditional HR companies and IT sourcing agencies in that they have a thorough knowledge of the industry. These recruiters are the link between employer and candidate, often acting as an advisor and mediator, improving negotiations and providing the most suitable talent. They understand clearly what you need, what each job title means, and know which companies and candidates better complement each other. The best part is that you have warranties, including access to top candidates and save costs in the long run.

How can we help?

At Whitelist Recruiting, we focus on the recruitment of cybersecurity positions in the German-speaking area. Our team has expertise and precise knowledge of the industry and is in regular contact with interested companies and candidates who have our trust seal. Through our highly specialized network, we can provide you with the best match in just a matter of days and help you seal the deal.

We are optimizing the recruitment process by making it more efficient and transparent, while also reducing delays and information gaps. Our mission is to assure that companies get the best pros – and vice versa – and that both make the best decision according to their needs and expectations.

More than that, we care about you and know the importance of a great work environment. Whether you’re an intern or a CEO, work should be a place where everyone is committed to achieving the same goal and where people can grow, have fun, feel relevant, supported and united. Trust, growth and development are our core values, so we act with them in mind. Our goal is the ideal match: connecting trustworthy people with the same vision, who work together to build a safer future.

Want to have the best candidates to fill your most important cyber and information security jobs? We are happy to help. Drop us a line/Contact us and get whitelisted today!

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We connect reliable people, fully committed to engaging in new cybersecurity projects that make the world a safer place. Our team are experts in the field, and we are here to support and guide you step by step.  

We love to see our matches developing, working and growing together into long-term partnerships built on trust. 

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